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Athens.jpgTuesday 08 September 2020 16:00

An interview with Luciana and George Christoforides, who work in Greece, which has only a 0.4% evangelical Christian population.

George and Luciana, tell us about your background and the work you are currently involved in?

George: I was born and raised in Cyprus. 

"I have been living in Greece for a total of twelve years, where I also did my computer network studies for five of those years. Shortly after, it was clear to me that God was calling me to stay in Greece instead of returning home and to make myself available to what He had in store for me here. I decided to take the one-year program of Theology at the Greek Bible College, which led me to be involved in the mission field in Athens. 

"During that time, I started attending a local church plant, Syntrofia (meaning ‘Fellowship’), serving as a youth leader and for the past four years I have been directing our four annual church camps. I am currently working as an IT Administrator for a global ministry named Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel (or AMG International). I cover the technical needs of our headquarters (Cosmovision Centre), our two community centres, our accounting office and our Logos Bookstore in Athens. I often help other ministries with the design and implementation of their network and give consultation on future deployments."


"I was born in Brazil and raised in Portugal. I studied Social Education and during my university years, I was active with the local Christian student union GBU (IFES in Portugal) which led me to go on a mission trip to Hungary, where I served with the Hungarian Christian student union and where I first met George.

"Soon after that, I returned to Brazil to continue my studies in Social Anthropology. After obtaining my degree, I got a work placement in Northern Ireland and attended Crescent Church in Belfast. During my time in Northern Ireland I served in various outreaches. 

Christoforides.png"Four years ago, I started feeling a burden to quit my job and serve God in full-time ministry. He called me to Greece and opened the doors to serve the Roma people by using my experience and the knowledge acquired from my studies in the mission field.

"Currently, I coordinate one of the projects of Hellenic Ministries (Greece) called “Petalouda Educational Center”. This centre serves the needs of the Roma people (the largest ethnic minority group in Greece) through a Christ-centred educational program."

"How did you get involved with ECM? 

"Our connection with ECM started at the European Leadership Forum in Poland after meeting Peter and Anna Crawford who were ECM missionaries serving in Portugal. Since then, we have been receiving member care and mentoring from them and have been greatly encouraged.

"We are both so grateful that the opportunity of becoming ECM Associate Members came up, as we can be part of a global prayer network and ministry family, through which we can serve and witness to people here in Greece."

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