Mahabba - Caring for your Muslim Neighbour

Mahabba project.jpgTuesday 15 June 2021 09:15

Mahabba Belgium motivates and mobilises everyday Christians in Belgium to love their Muslim neighbours.

Mahabba brings together Christians from different church backgrounds to pray in unity for their Muslim friends. Mahabba facilitates the effective witness of Belgian Christians to the many Muslims who have made Belgium their home.

In Flanders where Mahabba is already established we organised a couple of online events to which about 60 people came! Now we have new groups ready to start up in other areas.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and facilitate prayer. If you would like to contribute towards setting up Mahabba prayer groups in Belgium, please do click on the donate button. Your gift will help towards making the project known nationally and establishing regular meetings for prayer.

The start up cost for extending this project is: €880 

Use the donate button on this page to donate to ECM International or click on the country below to donate to this project through your local ECM office: Australia/New Zealand - Brasil Britain France  Ireland The Netherlands - Spain USA

If you would like to donate or follow this project, please click here.

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