Caught up in the war in Ukraine

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Meet some people who are caught up in the war in Ukraine, a boy's dream, a small family's plea for help with housing...

"Meet Artem. He is from central Ukraine, and he is 9. With his older brother and mom, he stays at our centre. He's been here for more than a week already. Artem has a dream to see his pet cat Busik when the war is over. They couldn't take the animal with them, so he asked me sincerely and childishly to save the cat and bring it here. He misses it a lot. Like many other children, he can't evaluate all the seriousness of the situation in full and prioritize differently as we adults do. 

"Meet Katia and Liza. They are from Kharkiv, a city that borders Russia. The city has been bombed and hit since the first day of the war. Their mother, Lilia, called us a week ago and asked to help with housing. They only have with them two backpacks and two bags. They have no idea what has happened to their house. While fleeing, they grabbed their pet dog to cover more than a thousand km to come here. 

"I have seen more than a dozen families like these for three weeks of the war. Every day we host 40 to 50 people. We do our best to provide as much comfort for these people as possible. 

"Thanks to the donations of many of you, we have installed additional householding machines (fridge, cooker, microwave, washing machine, electric kettles, etc.). The biggest problem was getting matrasses and beddings. But our God sees the need and supplies generously putting those who can help on our ways. In these small things, we can feel your prayers and the caring hand of our God." 

If you would like to donate to the Ukraine Crisis Fund set up by ECM International, this link will take you to the relevant page.

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