Blessed by prayer

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Delyth Sutton is one of our workers in Spain. When she was asked how prayer affects her and her ministry she wrote the account below.

‘I learnt last summer that God is able to supply my every single need. And when He decides to give, He can do it in abundance.

‘Spring last year I was checking in with ECM Britain’s HR Manager and she asked me how I was doing. I needed to rest but didn’t have anything planned for a holiday. So Sarah suggested we pray about this. Three days later I attended a friend’s retirement celebration in the countryside. It was here that God showed me His love and care for me.

‘Two friends from the town came up to me and said, “Delyth, would you like to come on holiday with us? We want to go to La Palma” (this is the Spanish island whose volcano erupted in September last year). Without thinking twice I told them that I had been praying about this and it was God’s provision for me so I´d love to go with them.

‘Later on when, we began to add up costs I thought, “Oh Lord, have I made a mistake? “How can I afford this?” And then God confirmed His goodness yet again as two special gifts were given which covered the entire cost of the holiday! What’s more, apart from it being a magical holiday, and being able to testify to my friends, I was able to raise support to send to a pastor on the island after the volcano erupted.’

To find out more about Delyth and her ministry follow this link.

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