Equipped to thrive

Smith 2023Tuesday 22 August 2023 08:51

ECM workers are equipping people across Europe to meet and become more like Christ. Here is how Roland and Carolien Smith are doing this in Netherlands.

In September last year, Carolien and I moved up from Maastricht to Renkum (in the centre of the country) where we’ve joined a lively church with several young families. Our new neighbours too have young children. We are enjoying getting to know them and visiting them or having them over for meals. Some are coping well, and some are managing fine, while others are struggling because of the huge pressures upon them — financial, cross-cultural, health-wise, or just because of living in a world of change and uncertainty.

It’s really good that we can be available to listen, encourage and support. We want to help equip families to develop resilience, and find their resources in one another, in the church communities here, and in our loving, caring and compassionate God. We’d like them to experience that God’s goodness and grace are always more than our darkness and anxiety. Living in the light of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can share our confidence in the victory of Jesus over death and His power to help not just to survive, but to thrive.

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