Equipped to live in freedom

Mercer-Wilson (002).jpegTuesday 08 August 2023 12:26

ECM workers are equipping people across Europe to meet and become more like Christ. Here is how Jules Mercer-Wilson is doing this in Spain.

I live in a small retreat centre where we equip believers to have a greater awareness of themselves (their behaviours, emotions, core needs, and deep hurts) and of God´s presence. We provide time, space, direction and companionship as they encounter Christ through the work of the Holy Spirt. Our goal is to equip them to live out their true identity in Christ.
That means that we get to see Jesus shine His light into people’s current situations and identify the lies they’ve been believing. We see them encounter Christ and receive His words of truth — then The Truth sets them free! Free to see the truth. Free from our cycles of anxiety or perfectionism or control. Free to really love and serve others without needing anything in return. Free to make disciples that know Christ and His presence. Free to use these same tools to help others have encounters with the true and living God.

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