Equipped to mentor young people

Cockram 2023.pngTuesday 15 August 2023 10:57

ECM workers are equipping people across Europe to meet and become more like Christ. Here is how Steve and Lydia Cockram are doing this in Portugal.

We’ve recently officially launched a 1-to-1 mentoring programme within our local church. We’re very excited to have gathered a team of 10 of us who will be meeting and discipling the teenagers and young people here.

When we arrived in Portugal, it was our dream, vision and hope to see young people being equipped to spearhead the growth of the Portuguese church. We’ve enjoyed meeting with the young people we’re individually responsible for. But seeing people who already have the Godly wisdom to do this, with some encouragement and support, start intentionally discipling these young and exciting people has brought us a lot of joy. We pray that this initiative will continue, and the long-term fruit of it will be felt by this nation for a long time.

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