Equipped to be like Christ

ALVAREZ 2023.jpgTuesday 29 August 2023 13:10

ECM workers are equipping people across Europe to meet and become more like Christ. Here is how Jane and Edgar Alvarez are doing this in Spain.

As I consider how Christ has called me to be involved in equipping others, I usually try to focus on how Christ equipped others. After all, Christ knew His purpose and went confidently forward knowing that He was pleasing God, not men.

But I sometimes find myself asking whether the religious leaders of His day considered Jesus a “round peg in a square hole”. Why did He heal on the sabbath, or eat with undesirables or so deeply empathise with the people on the margins? I find myself identifying with Christ when He was misunderstood because I often see things from a different perspective than those around me.

But being different is fine, because Christ has special work that only each of us can do. You may be the only one who notices a small kindness that someone else needs. Lean into who Christ has made you and step out in boldness and trust for what He puts on your heart.

I once complained to a senior manager, “Why doesn’t management think of giving flowers to colleagues who have been off sick on long term illness?” To which they responded, “It doesn’t matter — because you do it.”

Many years ago I was told that my role as a missionary wife was to be at Edgar’s side. But since then I have found that God seems to have instead called us to be at each other’s sides — with both of us at Jesus’ feet.

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