Equipped to grow together

Rimkus 2023 .jpegTuesday 05 September 2023 10:36

ECM workers are equipping people across Europe to meet and become more like Christ. Here is how Rita and Vidas Rimkus are doing this in England.

A small group of people is meeting in our home who feel the need to grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus. We are seeking to transform each other into people who freely speak of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection in our everyday lives. We are equipping each other through understanding the Word, exploring spiritual practices, speaking into each others’ lives and extending the invitation to our unbelieving friends.

God has truly been present through the changes in people’s spirituality and by bringing a new person into our midst. At one gathering there was a knock at the door. A lady came saying she felt strongly that she needed to be here. We were very encouraged that when we read the Bible she understood it and applied the text to her life. We pray for God’s faithfulness to bring more people to us and to Himself.

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