Loving Hospitality in Belgium

Davidand Holly.JPGTuesday 07 May 2019 11:15

What does it feel like to live in a country like Belgium? Find out what David and Holly think...

"One of the things we love about Belgian culture is gezelligheid. There's no good translation for this word in English, but loosely translated it means a sense of warmness, cosiness and togetherness. 

"So a party with close friends could be gezellig, or a house or cafe could have a gezellig atmosphere or a family day out could equally be gezellig. 

"As a family we love to create a gezellig atmosphere, and to invite friends to share the gezelligheid with us: it's a wonderful expression of Christian hospitality.

"Had Jesus spoken Dutch, I think he would have loved it too!"

British churches and Christians have generously sent and supported people like David and Holly in ministry across our continent. Thank you! 

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