Serving with prayer and actions

Good Samaritan 6.jpgMonday 06 July 2020 14:15

The Good Samaritan Centre stepped out in faith when its minibus was destroyed in an accident to buy a replacement vehicle. It is now fully engaged in the emergency response efforts in northern Córdoba, Spain. You can read about this in our latest magazine, online now.

“After a request for help from regional health authorities, the “new” van was driven almost a thousand miles while distributing protective equipment (some made by people in the local evangelical church, but most of them were made by volunteers in the town) to 24 nursing and assisted living facilities.

“Having helped with health they moved on to meeting social needs. Many families in this region are unemployed, lack resources and shut up inside small dwellings with children. More than 260 individuals have now been cared for by the Good Samaritan Association and Pozoblanco church volunteers. Most of the foods being distributed was paid for by the local government (including the mayor, Mr Santiago Cabello, who has donated his entire salary for as long as the pandemic lasts). “Francis Arjona explains that they are “serving our community with our prayers and actions. And to this we add the spreading of God’s Word – many people now want to talk about spiritual topics.”

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