Who is my neighbour?

Bosnia gifts 2-1 copy.jpgTuesday 21 September 2021 14:15

After over 20 years of church planting and literature distribution, in partnership with ECM, Radovan Trajovski, now semi-retired, tells of the great joy the Samaritan's Purse gift boxes bring...

He still continues to travel regularly to Bugojno, a town of 30,000+, to teach the Bible and be a disciple maker to its grateful believers.

“Neighbours? Relationships?

"COVID-19 has certainly reminded us of our need for relationships and to be together.

“We were able to engage with many people when a number of Samaritan’s Purse gift boxes arrived for distribution among the families we have contact with in Bugojno, where a small group of us are reaching out with the gospel and studying God’s word.

“At the end of April, we had the joy of making the boxes ready and it was truly a ‘neighbourly venture’ as Keti (Croatian), Zijo (Muslim) and myself (a Serb/ Macedonian) worked together to prepare for the big distribution.

“On Gift Day a good crowd met with us in the church building and listened attentively (despite the excitement) as I spoke of the compassion of the Good Samaritan for his neighbour when he did everything that was needed, and more, to care for the man who had been attacked (Luke 10:33). What a great reminder of what the Lord Jesus did all that was needed for us when he died on the cross to take all our punishments.

“You can see the anticipation of the children and the faces of the families as they received their boxes. The gift of the word of God went out with each box in the form of a children’s book of Bible stories. One lady was given enough for all of her seven children.”

• Praise God for these boxes and the compassion of the Samaritan’s Purse donors in bringing them to Bosnia. Thank Him for this opportunity to show the love of Christ and for the joy that this brings to the families who receive them!

• Pray that the word of God, shared on distribution day, will sink deep into hearts and bear fruit. Pray also that both the adults and children will read the children’s Bible booklet, be curious to know more, and ask questions of those at the church about Jesus.

• Pray for God to move in the hearts of the people of Bugojno and to protect and encourage those who want to know more and seek to follow Jesus.

• And finally, please ask God to raise up more mature Christian leaders and workers to help us share the message with our neighbours.

Some 9,000 British nationals visited Bosnia every year before the pandemic. But it still bears the scars of the Balkan conflict of the 1990s. “Unexploded landmines remain a real danger” and “terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks.”(gov.uk) As less than 0.1% of the population is evangelical (operationworld.org), this is truly a nation in need of Christ’s love.

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