Changing Europe starts here.

Here or there, there are so many
ways to make a real difference.

Prayer brings change. The first step in bringing God’s kingdom to Europe is to pray about it. If you want to pray, we’d love to provide you with up to date information. Find out more here.

Giving brings change. ECM workers are financially supported by their friends, family and churches. There are also strategic ministry projects that need funding. Giving is an important way of helping to change Europe. Find out more here.

Going brings change. God has called all of us to be salt and light to our communities. Wherever you live you can be an ambassador for Christ. But some of us he calls to go to new places. Find out more here.

Learning brings change. Discover more about Europe and see what God says to you about your part in changing it. Find out more here.

You can be a Europe changer. Start the change today.