Stumbling towards God

Shadow_of_Man_at_Night_During_Rain_Photo (2).jpgTuesday 24 December 2019 09:15

A poignant story about a young refugee in Belgium and his desire to seek God despite the odds stacked against him.
Read the story below.

"I had met W* a few months earlier at the school where I was teaching.

"W was a young man from Iraq who had come to Belgium a few years earlier as a refugee.

I had only had a brief conversation with him on the train home, but it was enough for him to reach out to me when we met a second time.

"'Can we meet up?' he said.

"'Sure! Let’s grab a coffee in town'.

"I had been praying for God to lead me to those who were seeking.

"Perhaps I would be able to offer him some hope and comfort by telling him about Jesus.

"He cut straight to the chase. 

"'I couldn’t find your phone number but I looked you up online and found the website of your church. I read and listened to everything. This Jesus who died on the cross made me cry. Tell me, how do I become a Christian?'

"'Do you know what it means to be a Christian?' I said."

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